Sock Monkey

Ok, he took a bit longer to finish up than I thought he would, but he is just so darn cute. Anna is a bit jealous that I am going to sell him, so I told her that I would make her a smaller version. This guy is quite large, he measures 21 inches from head to bottom. Then you add on the arms and legs and well he is just so squeezable!

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Blue Two Flower Hair Clip

I crocheted two small flowers and used a small blue brad to help center it on the hair clip.

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Sunglass Slip Cover Case

I thought that this would be a great use for some scrap yarn.

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Oh my

I have been working on this sock monkey for a few days now. He turning out to be much larger than I thought he would be when I first started making him. I think just a couple more days and I’ll gave a finished product to show you.

Blue Bunny

Here is my newest one. This cute little bunny is made of light and dark blue yarn. He is an adorable 8 inches tall.

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear

My first toy item up for sale. This cute adorable bear is 10 inches tall. Made of all yarn, eyes and everything, so there are no buttons to worry about falling off. The scarf is not sewn in place, so it can be removed if need be.

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Sparkle Blue Baby Blanket

My first item up for sale. This is such an adorably cute little baby blanket, great for the stroller as it is not to bulky. Just saw that they discontinued this yarn, so I’m not sure I’ll get to make another one.

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Wlcome to Cuddles by Heather!

Hi everyone. I decided since I like to crochet and everyone loves handmade items that I would start up my own store. Right now I’m selling my items through Etsy at I plan to get more items up soon. Here is where you will find out information about items I have made in the past and projects I hope to finish up soon. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Thank you,