New Amigurumi Toys

I am all up in a zoo lately with these cute little animals. They can come in the color shown or a custom color if you wish. Just let me know how you would like your zoo done. I can even make a basket to carry 3-4 of them in. I’ll have a picture of that up tomorrow as my camera battery needs to charge tonight.

Googly Dolls

Anna has so preciously named these googly dolls as they look like they have googly eyes. They are 100% fleece and are so soft and cuddly that my girls keep asking for their own.

To shop for one go to Cuddles by Heather Store.

New items

Yes, I know it has been awhile. The last few weeks have been rather busy (finishing up my PTO duties for spring carnival, working on some website changes for a couple of customers) but I have finally finished up a couple of really cute projects.

The small sock monkey is a gift, but the coffee cup cozy’s can be found in my shop Cuddles by Heather if you are interested in purchasing them.

I also have a small cuddle, take me anywhere blanket. It is the perfect size for a security blanket as it measures 14 inches square.

You can also find this in my shop Cuddles by Heather.

Sock Monkey

Ok, he took a bit longer to finish up than I thought he would, but he is just so darn cute. Anna is a bit jealous that I am going to sell him, so I told her that I would make her a smaller version. This guy is quite large, he measures 21 inches from head to bottom. Then you add on the arms and legs and well he is just so squeezable!

Click here to buy him.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

My first toy item up for sale. This cute adorable bear is 10 inches tall. Made of all yarn, eyes and everything, so there are no buttons to worry about falling off. The scarf is not sewn in place, so it can be removed if need be.

Check out my shop to buy it.